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Incubation is a platform where the members can access the services of various sectors with trust from experts nationally and internationally. Incubation gives opportunity to all its member to get accessibility for the economic growth. IIEST Federation has incubation all around the Country .

  • Legal Services:
    Incubation Member can avail services of Legal experts of the federation for business contracts, employment agreements, trademark or intellectual property handlings and to ensure that you are in regulatory compliance with State and Central requirements.

  • New Media Marketing Services:
    Incubation Member can avail the services of website development based, website hosting, and maintenance. An option of Digital Marketing can also be availed from IIEST FEDERATION. Press release services and other cost-efficiently marketing services.

  • Accounting, Tax & Financial Management Services:
    Incubation Member can avail services of all month-to-month as well as year-end accounting and filings such as monthly bill pay, P&L statements, employee payroll, quarterly end reporting, year-end 1099 processing and Federal & State tax filing.

  • Business & Marketing Strategy Services:
    Federation works with you to create a well-defined business plan and marketing strategy based on extensive market research.

  • State/ Centre Licence Consultancy Services:
    Incubation members can also avail the services of consultancy for state/centre/international licence for a particular industry to start their business or expand their business.

  • Recruitment Services:
    Incubation Member can avail recruitment services as per the membership category they belong to.

  • Business Operation Services:
    Incubation Member can avail office space equipped with phone and conference area, secretarial and call-answering services. You can also get assistance in setting up your bank account and line of credit.

  • Funding Service::
    • Credit & Thrifty Society Funding: As per the norms of the funding org
    • Banking Funding: As per the norms of the funding org